Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Eye of the Storm?

I have nothing to post at the moment yet I feel compelled to start writing. I sense that God is brewing in my spirit and can almost feel the winds of change beginning to shift. Maybe it was the intense women's retreat this past weekend, or the huge life changes happening in friends' lives that have gotten me thinking. Maybe it's just part of the season beginning to change from winter to spring, or maybe He is preparing my heart again.

Why is my One Year reading plan stuck on Job right now? (by the way I am gleaning some great stuff!) Why did we look at Moses' life at retreat? Why is our book club reading, "When God Interupts"? Haven't I been down this road? Perhaps "slavery" is about to end and I am to be prepared to plod through the desert. Or was this the desert and I'm to prepare for battle as the Lord delivers us to our promised land? Well, whatever it is, I'm excited. I am hungry for God's word, listening for His Spirit, and expectant. Perhaps then I'll have an exciting post!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So... It was a Very Merry Christmas After All

So, you were probably wondering if we even celebrated Christmas this year. After all, how could I not write a post about that!!! Um, blogging is hard to get to these days. I have had this post saved to finish up and publish for quite some time now. I know I wanted to add more pictures but in the absence of time I'll just put it out there as is. Enjoy!

I felt a particular pressure this year heading into Christmas but, when I changed my focus from all the things I needed to get done or places I needed to be to what opportunities could I find to bless people, there was a very needed heart change. PHEW! Just in time for the big day, too. Over the past several months I've been looking for God's leading and purposing to be ready to say 'yes' to Him. This ended up applying to the Christmas season as well.
Our family spent a wonderful 3 days up at the Christian Renewal Center and, as always, were blessed with renewal. (who knew!!!) Here's some pictures of our time there. My favorite memory was walking with the kids through the snow and following tracks that were left by all different kinds of animals!
On our post Christmas hike, Josiah climbed up for a King of the Rock pose.
And, not to be out done, Mia did, too!
Sierra enjoyed their fun play ground which was right outside our house. She and Mackenzie played there for quite a while. Cousin time is always a blessing!
Eliza's first Christmas. Wow does time fly!! She had no problem getting the concept of opening presents and enjoying yummy food.
Apparently Mia doesn't get enough school work on a daily basis or else she just loves solving math problems! She had Gramma Linda write all kinds of addition problems over and over again.

It's fun to get away and actually spend some time with family. We played games, the boys did some target shooting and played some basketball, we hiked around camp... it was nice. Merry Christmas!
Lord, lift me above my own narrow horizons, that I might fulfill your true vision for me. - B.J. Hoff