Monday, July 27, 2009

Cousin Visit

We had the privilege of hosting Victoria for a few days as she was on her way home from summer camp. It seemed like we were so busy that I didn't remember to take pictures of all the great things the kids got to do with her. But, just before she left I caught some flicks of her "in her element". I love that God has given us this farm for the time being. It is so fun to share it with other people.

Victoria is a natural farm girl and took to training Stormy and helping round up chickens right away.
As you can see Stormy had the chance to practice getting comfortable in his saddle while she was here, something that hasn't happened probably since Victoria was here last.

She also grew fond of one of the duck's, named Darkie. (Don't you just love the red headband and denim?!! Total farm girl!)

I do have to say that besides being a farm girl she is also a Lord of the Rings expert. She gave me a scene by scene description of the movie which took just over an hour! We joked that we should have just watched the movie. But, at least now I do have a general understanding of it and would probably enjoy watching it if the chance ever came along.

Her parents came yesterday to take her back home. However short the visit was, it was still a good bonding time (for Stormy and for us!!).

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