Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't Forget Your Shoes!

What thrilling news we received this week. Our former lead pastor, John Stumbo, was brought back from death's doorstep over a year ago and has been recovering from a rare illness for these many months since. You can see, bit by bit, that his strength has been returning to him, though he is by no means running races or anywhere near where he was before this all hit. But, this week he announced that his ability to swallow has been restored. This has been prayed for by so many people, locally and around the world, for so long. Praise the Lord!! What a blessing.

After my initial reaction of excitment and praise to God our healer, my secondary reaction was one of grief for myself. You see, I prayed fervently for many months, and then occassionally as his name came to mind, and then more recently, even when I thought of him, I just forgot to keep praying. I realize that God didn't need me to pray the exact day John was healed, but I just feel like I missed out a little. My desire is to always be on my toes, ready to give and answer, a warrior equipped for battle and ready for the call whether that be prayer or giving or action. How embarrassing, the call came and I was... what? distracted? I didn't hear it ring? Was I too tired? or maybe bored with the same prayers?

This theme has been in my face for a few weeks really. I've spoken with broken hearted people and have had no encouraging words. Not wanting to speak my own opinions into situations, I've prayed, "Lord what's the truth, what would you have me say here?" *crickets* "Why can't I hear you, Lord?" I pray and I don't have passionate direction to my prayers... almost like they're a little forced. So I feel like there's opportunities before me to pray or encourage or bless and they're passing me by. It's like I'm watching strike after strike cross the plate and I'm just standing there.

To use another sports picture, it's like I'm asking God, my coach, "Why didn't I get to play in the game?" And, it's not that God is looking at me and thinking, "Sheesh, I'm not even sure I want you on the team" or "Well, this was a tough opponent and we only wanted our best players out there". But maybe He's saying something like, "You could have played, but you're not wearing your shoes". Oh!

So today I'm looking at what have I been doing to be prepared to give an answer? How have I been ordering my days so that my prayer life is active and has room to respond to God's prompting? My Bible has been mostly shut for a few weeks. My prayers have been often self focused, mostly complaining or arrows of "help" sent up. Though there have been moments of intense prayers as well, they are random and sporadic rather than intentional.

So, what's the good news? The good news is that God is God. His will will be accomplished. I can celebrate John's healing along with the daily prayers, and the ones who fasted from ice cream for all these months because my team had a victory! Even though I wasn't on the court at the moment of victory, it is a victory and I am thrilled. And, this isn't over, I still have opportunities to "play", whatever my role might be.

What a thrill to remember that the King of Kings chooses to use us to accomplish his plans. You know what? I'm going to make sure I've got my shoes on!!


Sarah said...

Hi Kristy,

I just figured out that I can find you on your blog by clicking on your photo on my followers list. I know it takes us Barnhill billies a while to get on with the lastest techo stuff. But I am here now.
This post reminded me of something Francis Chan said in Crazy Love...It is God's Movie. There may be a little glimpse of us as the camera pans the crowd scene, but really the movie of our life is His...for His glory and His Fame as the song says.
I can remember when this really hurt my pride...stung my senese of worth and useablity, but God has done somthing new in me these last few years and it all began with a little desire in my heart to be average. This little thought now when I think it makes me feel all gooey inside like when I get to go to the art supply store, or my husband gives me a great compliment. It is not unlike love. It is growing because I am learning to find happiness in Him and in the small world I live in. To know that is enough. We often snuff out this little seed of love when we strive, and reach for fame to be world changers. It is enough to live with Him, for Him and because of Him. Nothing more is required...then if he orchestrates the spotlight to shine on you and your little role in life...make sure you are looking to Him and everyone sees you worshiping your king. He is Marvelous!

mommyx12 said...

Sorry the muffins didn't turn out. What do you think happened? I hate that when it happens. When you put effort into something and it crashes on you! I too try to salvage what I can. Most of the time.

Lord, lift me above my own narrow horizons, that I might fulfill your true vision for me. - B.J. Hoff