Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poor Neglected Blog... just a quick note.

I'm still battling the internet/computer issue but my mom left her laptop here with internet access so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Praise the Lord we are at the end of this pregnancy and so close to holding our sweet baby boy, Jack. I can't imagine life with another child, we are so full and busy as it is. On the other hand I can't wait to see what this new person adds to the family dynamic and I am so anxious to meet him. Each person is like a new seasoning or flavor added to the bunch and we are really starting to get tasty! LOL!! I'm again looking forward to laboring at home and meeting him in the comfort of my own room in a birthing tub. God knows the exact timing and circumstances but that is the plan. All the kids want to witness their brother's arrival and meet him first thing. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds: when labor starts, how long it lasts, who is there for my support, etc. I can hardly stand waiting and waiting for all these plans to happen as ultimately orchestrated by my Heavenly Father. Soon, Lord, we're so ready!!

A note to Jack:
My dear son, 6th child of my heart,
I am so thrilled you will be joining our family soon. You have pushed me past 40 weeks already but we pray for your arrival every day. It's been 10 years since I welcomed a boy into our family and it feels new again. I can't wait to cuddle you and kiss your sweet cheeks and presumably bald head, and to smell your new smell, and hear your tiny voice. I can't wait to see your first blinking moments as everything around you is brand new. I'm looking forward to breast feeding and diapering and caring for all your needs. I love how your brother and sisters love you so much already and am thrilled to see you interact with them. I have been blessed with lots of "tools" for carrying you with me to all our adventures, life will not be slow for you! It's hard to wait on God's perfect timing for your arrival but I believe this waiting time is more about my trusting Him and being comfortable not getting my way than about any of your development. So, come sweet boy. I love you so much already!! Love, your Mommy

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