Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still Just Passing the Time

Yesterday I pulled out all the stops. We watched two Christmas movies, made present labels, arranged all the presents under the tree, decorated a gingerbread house and made some mini flat bread. The flat bread was something I intended to do at Thanksgiving and finally got around to it. Nothing like being snowed in to get those overdue projects done. Mia and I had ours with cheddar cheese and salsa, it was alright but needed a zippier flavor like goat cheese. Mmmm... Sierra safely ate hers with peanut butter so at least she knew if she didn't like the flat bread she could still have a snack by licking them clean. Josiah was the experienced one in the group. Part way through he remembered they made something similar at summer camp only they balled them up on a stick rather than making them flat. He had 2 of his with jam and 2 with honey just like they did at camp. His were the best by far!By 4:30pm I was out of steam. Grandma Linda picked up some pizza for us and some more movies for later and then we ended the night with calming baths.
Today it dawned on me that there are things to do further south that are not in the snow and ice zones so we ventured over to Albany and hit their Target and Costco. We also treated ourselves to Dairy Queen's Yule Tide Peppermint blizzards. Yum!
Now, here we are, ready for Christmas and still waiting for Eliza. The midwife said her heart rate is really good and she's very responsive with her movements, evidence that the placenta is healthy and doing well. She's also in a good position for delivery. My blood pressure is still really good (hard to believe at this point!) and that Eliza will be here soon. So, for now, we're still just passing the time trusting that I won't be pregnant forever.

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SLMW8MAN said...

Looks like lots of fun.

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