Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is She Really A Month Old?

Not that we don't have other things going on besides watching Eliza grow, but that is our newest thing around here. The kids participated in the AWANA Grand Prix. They both designed their own cars and with help from Grandpa Nordstrom and Dad put together some great looking derby cars.
Grandpa Davis and Grandma Linda came to cheer on the teams: Red Rocket and Purple Flasher (we tried to get her to name it Purple Flash but she insisted on Flasher, hopefully not a sign of things to come!).
Eliza was there too but was not nearly as enthusiastic as the rest of the crew.
Josiah and Mia are also playing basketball so our Saturdays are busy with driving between games, getting a rest time in for the younger crew, and then heading to Church. We've been running into several friends along the way and Grandma and Grandpa and even Aunt Cheryl and Uncle David have made some games so it's practically sustaining my social life at this point.

Sierra has been finding her own things to do, including shampooing her own hair... with hand soap... while fully dressed.
She's also been enjoying picking out her own clothes and really likes dressing up fancy. This is so different from Mia who is more like her mom, plain and simple. I think Grandma Linda's ruffles and frills gene may have skipped straight through to Sierra.
She is definitely a mini-mom though and really loves her baby sister. Though she can't have as much freedom as her older siblings she is really catching her stride as a bigger kid now.


SLMW8MAN said...

I think having another baby made Sierra look so much older. She is looking cute in her fancy clothes.

momaof4 said...

She is a cutie!!

Got to love the crazy Saturday's driving here and there for games. :) It is fun to see all the different people.

Fields of the harvest said...

That is one beautiful baby! Hope we get to meet her this summer... not to mention the rest of your fam. Love ya!

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