Friday, April 3, 2009


I don't have pictures at the moment.

Early this morning, 1 am to be precise, we were awoken by a call from the security company telling us the smoke detector was going off at the business and the fire department had been dispatched. Minutes later a friend and neighbor of the store called frantically telling us the building was on fire. Andrew hurried out the door. The next call was from an employee who lives near the store as well. I had already prayed many fervent prayers by then. I called my brother for multiple reasons. It was hard to decide if I wanted him to go support Andrew or stay home with his scanner and give me updates. I asked him to go help Andrew. Actually through my adrenaline induced indecision I don't think I ever got around to asking but he actually offered to go down there. Then I called my mom and she offered to come here so I could go down to the store. By the time she arrived, around 2:30am, the fire was pretty much out and Andrew said they were just standing around. So, I decided to stay home and pray some more.

From the statesman journal site I learned it was a 3 alarm fire. Andrew said that screen printing was hit the hardest and the rest looks fine. No one was hurt which is a huge praise. I'll update more later but just wanted to get the news out.

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Alyssa and Ron said...

WHAT? Which business? Thinking of you today. SOrry to hear the bad news. What a week!

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