Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's Got Style

Josiah has wanted to grow his hair out for quite some time now. Quite frankly, he has nice thick hair and I think it would probably look nice. He's been overdue for a hair cut for several weeks now so I decided to take the leap and allow him to grow it out. I decided before I even had kids that I would not battle them (too much) on issues of clothes and hair as long as they were decent and cared for. There are occasions where I have overridden some choices, especially around the holidays, etc. And I have been known to voice my opinion on some outfits and to gently direct wayward colors to a better match. But, the deal on his hair is he has to keep it "styled", not just mop topped. This means he has to brush it and wash it and generally care for it. If he doesn't, then I will take him to get his hair cut into something more manageable. Right now it actually looks pretty cool. He usually flips it back to one side and I have to admit I like it! But, when I was meeting with a friend recently, the kids were there and his hair was uncombed, tweekin' here and there, not up to snuff. I was telling her about our hair deal and I said that maybe I'd take him in to at least get it trimmed into a real style. Well that got his attention. "Mom!" he protested, "I have a style. It's called bed head." Nice.


MK & PK said...

Hey!! Wow you seem really busy keeping up with everything. I love the tulip picture. Super fun. Yes I'm 11 weeks prego. I didn't make any announcement. It felt too flashy, I figured word would spread as we told people. Always good to hear from you.

SLMW8MAN said...

SO CUTE. I LOVE the bed head style. I am going with that today.

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