Monday, July 14, 2008

The Road to Bear Paw, part 6

Well, I'm sad to announce we've been further delayed in the purchase of the camp. Selling the business has been a tough one. I can't share too many details but the bottom line is the first buyer we had just wasn't working out despite every effort made. So, we're starting over with a second interested buyer. Right now I'm just thankful that we have someone else interested. We've talked to a few people who had to begin selling their businesses with no specific interest. We have seen many positive signs that this will work out but, as we've learned, sometimes what seems like the best scenarios just aren't meant to be. We trust God with those details!

In the meantime our offer on the camp has been expired since the end of May. We still keep in contact with the realtor and have even sent the owners an update. I guess it's hard to think that the camp isn't in the bag yet. Now as we work with a new perspective buyer for the store, we have added, at the very best, a 3-4 week delay again. We were encouraged as we met with our Area Director with American Missionary Fellowship. He said not to worry about Bear Paw. What we need to keep our focus on is the call that God has given us. We feel God has called us into full time ministry, specifically through Christian camping. We think that the field he has called us to is at Bear Paw Camp but, until we're there, we won't know for sure. The call won't change though, even if the destination does.

So, currently we are working on updating our address book so that we can send out our first missionary newsletter. We are praying for God's protection and provision through all the details of selling a business, and we're praying that we will be prepared to enter into full time ministry when his timing is right. We are still mostly packed up, sleeping with our mattresses on the floor, and balancing being ready to move with living in the now!

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