Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day Two of Nordstrom Academy

I'm just kidding, we didn't name our home school. I know some people do but given our name... I just couldn't do it. It's strange, I haven't had time to blog in so long, then I start up with home schooling and I get two out right away. I think I just need the release after the balancing act that the day feels like. I'm definitely not confident or feeling like it's going smoothly, but today went a lot better than yesterday. Josiah said to me, "Mom, you're the best teacher." That really helped. Later in the day he said, "Home school is so much easier that real school." D'OH! I told him that I took that as a personal challenge.

Honestly, I just don't feel like there is too much more I can do to make it harder until the rest of my resources come in. I'm finding that the kids already know so much, that most of what is suggested in the curriculum is just a time waster so I skip it. I will start spelling next week so that will help some and I definitely see a need for some handwriting work, which I knew going into this. Other than that I'm looking forward to getting further into the year so we can actually learn some new things.

By the way, thanks for all the encouragement, today was better than yesterday and we still have room to improve so I guess we're right on pace. I have to add, I LOVE seeing the kids learn and it's worth it to push through the tough times for the times when I'm there to see the dots connect for them or to be amazed by how much they remember or to introduce them to a new thought. What a privilege I've been given!

As for the rest of life, Andrew will be showing the house twice today, not that I'm prepared but he helped out some, mostly getting his stuff out of the house which is really what I wanted for the sake of my own sanity anyway, so WIN-WIN. I really don't want to move until after the baby comes so I'm just not worried about cleaning up or making any kind of impression. Well, I guess either way an impression is being made... but most of the time I don't know them anyway!! I'm also meeting with the midwife tonight. So, it's a busy Tuesday. I really hope I just click with this midwife right off so I don't have to keep searching. If I can squeeze it in I'd like to interview one more just to have a comparison but we'll see how tonight goes. Based on her website photo it looks like she has purple highlights, that might be fun. (An update on the tub request: it's not a "No". Andrew is searching Craig's List for something that would work. Ya!)

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