Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Homeschool

Well, we made our way through the first day of school. Despite not having all my materials for either curriculum I think I was able to make it work well enough. The hurdles I anticipated did arise, like what do I do to occupy Sierra most of the time and Mia some of the time? I think I will learn some techniques as I go and considering we had a long (too long) day at the State Fair yesterday and everybody is tired, I think things will get better from here.

I definitely enjoy the times that have more flexible, child driven learning but I know that I have the important job of training up these students in the way they should go and that includes learning to focus through harder tasks and persevere through the end.

I am anxiously awaiting my Amazon shipments and the fulfillment of the ABeka order though, since those last tools will allow me to teach through the whole day rather than having to skip some parts. Part of me thinks I should have just waited until I get everything in first to begin but part of me thinks that just diving in will allow me to start figuring this thing out. I just hope that while I'm doing my figuring, I don't lose the kids enthusiasm.

Anyway, it's my break time but I just had to share that we survived the first day and the good news is that it can only get better from here!!


momaof4 said...

The first day is the hardest I am sure. It will get better!

The Nordstrom Family said...


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