Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Days

I've assigned Mia the job of collecting fallen apples in a bucket and allowed them to be used to feed the donkey. There's just a few a day but it keeps them from just sitting around and rotting as well as becoming a yellow jacket attraction. I noticed she must have done a particularly great job the past couple of days and was examining the tree to see how many were left when I noticed several hoof prints in the soil around the base of the tree. Ahhh... no wonder the job was so well done. Our Mia had help from the local deer. I called all the kids over and showed them the prints. Suddenly all hands were on board for the collection of as many apples as possible, not only for feeding the donkey but for baiting the deer into the light in the front of the house. They been spotted around there but just out of the light. We'd like to see them even closer (isn't that always true).
Sierra was wise enough to keep her helmet on during the whole event as hundreds of crab apples were dropped from the tree using many different methods: picking, shaking the tree, beating it with a long stick, etc. Several piles were made around the front of the house where the lights beam down but, unfortunately, the enormity of the task prevented them from actually collecting all the apples. Ya for Mia still having a job and for Screamer (the donkey) having plenty of snacks left. Boo for the potential of rotting apples and deer sneaking around to eat where we can't see them very well. So far our lures have not been effective but we'll see... maybe in time.

On another note, tonight on our way to AWANA Sierra shouted with joy as we passed another vehicle, "Hey mom, we're a race van. Go race van!!" I didn't know those two words could go together: race and van. What a concept. What would I call our race van? The Teal Racer. Greased People Mover. Lightning McMama. Two years ago I was actually embarrassed by our vehicle. Now function trumps form any day and this van is a trooper and gets the job done. I've even warmed up to the teal color - something that once touched off a bit of the gag reflex. Unfortunately now I have my eye on something even more practical... a 15 passenger van. There's many reasons for this but what I find interesting about the whole thing is how much I've changed in the past several years. My driving desires have gone from fancy to functional and the more people I can fit the better. Of course I have to be able to park in a normal sized parking spot so don't go suggesting a bus. I have my limits.

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