Friday, November 7, 2008

Bumper Sticker Education

Don't you hate people's stupid bumper stickers. Not yours, of course, yours is witty and appropriate. It's those other people's.

I was behind a lovely truck that bore this boldly across the top of it's back window:

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

I read it and thought, "What an ignorant fool" but quickly moved on. Unfortunately we have readers in the younger segment of our family now and they saw it to. "Mom... what does 'pimpin' ain't easy' mean?" Oh boy, how in depth do I go with this one? I've already made up my mind to be open and upfront with my kids about sex education and especially to take every opportunity to pronounce God's perfect plan for sex and our bodies. You know... I've talked about this before. But I didn't really anticipate talking about pimps and prostitutes this early on. It was hard to broach the subject with varying age groups in the van but, despite being unprepared for the question, I managed to tastefully navigate through the subject and I was so thankful that in the end we landed back on the truth. There is plenty of ugliness out there, things that hurt our bodies and souls, but God's plan is worth waiting for. Thank you bumper sticker for the opportunity, what you intended for evil we used for good.

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