Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Privilege of Voting

I know I've gotten behind and I have many things to update the blog with but for now I just wanted to make a quick note on this election day. It is such a privilege to live in a country where I can safely cast my vote. I was proud to get that done today. There was some question as to whether we would actually get our ballets because we were moving right when they went out so they didn't come in the mail. Andrew tracked them down though and we both got them in on time. We've already been praying for quite some time for our future leaders. Regardless of my voting opinion, ultimately, I want people who are sensitive to God's leading running our country. I've also prayed that if they don't respect God now that they will soon and that we can once again return to being a nation under God's authority.

I guess we'll know soon who our next fearless leader will be! I'm not watching the news at all yet. It's kind of like having a baby without having an ultrasound. You know the next president is coming you just don't know what kind.

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