Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can A Guy Do That?

So Andrew and I were on our weekly date and had an interesting conversation. For some time now I have been pondering the fate of the barista's at our local Bikini Coffee Co. It's bad enough that they poor girls are really just eye candy for oogling men who need a caffeine fix. Ick. But, I also feel they are really putting their midsections in danger. My concern is that their bare skin is in close proximity to hot steaming milk. One false move and you've got a major burn and there goes your pretty midriff for the coming summer not to mention the risk of infection if the burn is not cared for properly. I wonder, do they get to do their training in a one piece? Maybe they work up to a bikini once they're more experienced.

If you look at any successful coffee company (Starbucks) you'll see that they wear aprons and not just the little waist aprons, the full front long ones that really protect your clothes. Yes, they also wear clothes. Not the girls at BCC. They wear, as the name implies, bikinis, or at least bikini tops. I'm not really sure because I refuse to support a business that would demean a good cup of coffee like that. It's pretty gross for the consumer to be buying a beverage from a partially clothed server. Honestly, I want as little of you near my mocha as possible.

So our discussion began with this subject and moved to what I've been wondering. What is the dress code for a guy that wanted to work there? Would he have to wear a bikini? Weird. Would he go topless? Ewww... think of the hair! It seems there would be no place for him there without a serious health code violation. Do they make full body hair nets? So, to me, the Bikini Coffee place just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen, either for burned barista bellies or for bummed out boys with body hair who are refused a position.

Then we discussed other similar jobs where the focus is sexual appeal paired with food or drink. Do guys work at Hooters? We've never been there so we don't know. Do they wear tight shirts and short shorts? Again, eww! Andrew thought maybe they'd work in the back or as the grunt workers letting the girls do the flirty stuff upfront to get people in the door. Ya, that seems right, but hardly fair, I bet the guys get to wear comfy shorts.


SLMW8MAN said...

Sounds like a great conversation took place on your date. I hope Steve and I can find something interesting to talk about today when we go out.

Glory Laine said...

I so want to invite those girls over for a heart to heart.... and the do they sleep at night. I just think it's dangerous for them to be by themselves with men who are not wanting coffee but to be sexually aroused. You can only imagine what they make them do for a tip. I've also seen these young ladies driving around with bummer stickers advertising the coffee shop. So dangerous! I just want them to march right into Starbucks and start respecting them selves and get benefits.

The Nordstrom Family said...

Hear hear Becca. I have to admit, I never thought about the danger of them working alone. I also wonder about the parents. Are all the barista's 18 or older? Why would you allow your daughter to be a side of meat to a hungry bear? There was a coffee shop up near Seattle that also had a bikini dress code except for Fridays which were only pasties. The police shut that down and there were some women who tried to speak some sense to the gals, too. The whole concept is wrong on so many levels that I get tongue tied trying to discuss it.

Seriously, I could see some guy saying in a dopey guy voice, "You know what we should do..." and creating the concept but following through on it and then the girls that go along with it??? I hope we never hear of anything bad happening to one of them! Thanks for pointing that out.

Sherry said...

I found you! Anyway, I had to comment- Dan and I drove by there the other day and they are closed! Praise Jesus! The place I really like ot go is the new place called "The Grind" it is where Bad A@@ coffee used to be. The owner is a delightful young woman, who is just as cheerful as can be. She also has 4 children! Plus- they put coupons in the Janco Saver! Try their hot chocolate- it is the best I have had!

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