Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mothering Four - Some Sleep Deprived Rants

Well, I'm still here. I'm finding that running the home show is hard. Oh, there's that word. Didn't I blog about that before?! No, a better word would be challenging. There is a lot to figure out, a lot of pieces that need to come together, a lot of grace that needs to be grown, etc. I always get the same response from people when I look for encouragement and advice: keep your priorities, the housework will always be there, it will get easier. I don't think it will get easier, I think I will gain some skills and become better able to handle it. SO GIVE ME THOSE SKILLS NOW!!! Oh, I mean, patience is a virtue... Maturing is a process... These things take time...

I know the housework will always be there but at some point we'll run out of food, except for the eggs of course, and we won't have any clean clothes, and we'll get some kind of foot fungus from the filthy floor, and rats will move in to take care of the crusted food on the dirty dishes. You know... I don't want those things to happen! So, I'm trying my best. I've got baskets of clean laundry, unfolded but available. If you see us walking around all wrinkly just be glad you don't see food stains and muddy knees. And, if you do see food stains and muddy knees, well, now you know why. I've got a dishwasher full of clean dishes and we're using paper plates so the issue doesn't seem so big. Denial is nice. I sweep some areas and try to overlook the others. It's kind of a rotating schedule where the squeaky wheel gets the oil or in this case the crummy floor gets the broom. When it's dependent on me, we don't eat great but praise the Lord for friends and family who've made meals for us. Seriously this is a huge help. All I have to do is take something out of the freezer or heat it up and often there's leftovers so we have lunch the next day, too. I think this will help us make it to the next stage where we've all adapted to our new normal and I can begin my own freezer cooking.

Speaking of adapting to our new normal, is this normal? I think so, in fact I'm declaring it so, and I'm telling you about it so that when you hit that time in your life and you look around you at all your domestic "failings" you can remember me and know that you're normal, too! Also, you'll remember to stock up on paper plates.

As for my priorities there's too many of those, too, even if I just count human beings, somebody has to give, often it's me. Have I showered this week? Hmmm, oh well, ponytail and extra deodorant will take care of that. I saw a reflection of my "outfit" today in the window of Nordstrom's. Yikes! Why did I have to go to Nordstrom's of all places? I needed a refill of my facial cleanser and Nordstrom's is most convenient. So there I was all frumpy and mismatched wishing that Target would carry Clinique products because I could hide better there. I had to laugh at myself because of course I ran into someone I knew. Cute! Nothing deserves a latte like Nordstrom induced stress (I'm talking about the store still, although I suppose that comment could apply to my family as well. Hey, anything for a latte!).

All these rantings aside I can still declare with confidence that I am incredibly blessed. I'm taking the time to enjoy Eliza's babyhood, Sierra's preschool days, Mia's Kindergarten year, and Josiah's grader time. All of which I know will be gone all too fast. Andrew and I have a weekly standing date which even a year ago I would have said was a miracle! I attend a church that challenges and encourages me and in which I can easily move into worship even following the worst of car rides. I'm living in a place where I can see both the sunrise and the sunset! We have a home to clean and clothes to wash.

Well, one of my blessings needs a diaper change. Praise the Lord she's healthy!

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SLMW8MAN said...

You are doing great I think. But remember to call someone if you need help. I'm sure people would be happy to unload the dishwasher or do a load of wash. I would if I was there.

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