Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Weeks In

Well, we're all in love with Eliza. It's such a blessing to have her here. Life is not the same and I've got a lot to learn about being a mother to four kids. I never was any good at juggling. Sometimes it feels like I'm just spinning circles and only getting things started or maybe 1/2 way done. It's worth it though and I believe, with time, we'll all land on our feet and find our new normal way of life.
While the older kids go to AWANA, Andrew and I go on a date. It was fun to take Eliza to our special place, Willamette Noodle Co., for the first time.Here she is, "Pretty in Pink" waiting for her bath.
Look at those tootsies!!! I love all her little tiny "babiness".

Sierra picked out Eliza's jammies. She's a loving, sweet big sister and very helpful getting me diapers, binkies, burp cloths, and yes, even picking out her clothes.

Even though Mia is very busy taking care of the chickens and horses, she loves to stop and love on her newest little sister. She'll sing to Eliza in the car if she's upset.

Josiah is the proud, protective big brother to three sisters now. He loves to cuddle with Eliza and is very helpful, holding her while I get dressed or getting me things I need. He sits next to her in the van and is in charge of the main entertainment for our rides into town.
Well, I had a great picture of me reading to all 4 kids. Sadly through one mispress of a button I deleted it forever. I just wanted to share that with you so you could feel my misery. But, I did get a great picture of Eliza figuring out how to smile.


Alyssa and Ron said...

I love that someone else is wak=lking the same walk I am with four little babes and all close in age. I had to chuckle at the start and 1/2 finishing thing because that is my life. Still! ;) It is our normal life but I too, wouldn't trade it for anything. WTG on those special "dates". They are a must especially while juggling 4 kids. Marriage first means happy family and healhty kids.

Christy said...

Was Eliza your first baby born at home? I love her story and all the picture's...what a perfect gift from God!!

SLMW8MAN said...

She already looks so big! I guess she started out big. Beautiful pictures. I wish I could be there.

mcmom said...

She is so perfect. There is just nothing like a newborn baby.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to post pictures of your beautiful baby for those of us farther away. I am glad to see you all doing so well. Loved the baby feet!! Great Pix.
Diana Minor

Lisa said...

She's already changing so much. How funny that you do your date night while the kids are at Awanas - so do we, although we're trying not to visit places in Salem as we spend most of the time driving.

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