Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Do It

I've touched on this topic before but it's come up again in an interesting analogy. A friend of ours has been competing in longer distance races through high school, college and even now as an adult. He's never completed a marathon though. Being a marathon lover, I found that hard to believe. My husband on the other hand, who never runs unless it's just for fun chasing the kids around, did complete the Portland Marathon... barely, but still.

Let's say completing a marathon was the call of God on people's lives. Despite all the talent, ability, and previously logged miles in the world if a person is unwilling to sign up and put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles, the marathon will never be completed. But, despite the lack of "natural ability" or even preparedness, a willing and determined person can complete a marathon. Sign up, show up, persevere. Just seems like there's a lesson there. I can also attest to the fact that if you add "train" to the equation the whole experience is a lot more pleasant!!

Just some thoughts... had to share.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying I should TRAIN for the next marathon? AN

The Nordstrom Family said...

Wow! I'm happy to hear you say "next marathon". I was afraid you'd written any more off. But now that it's here in print... I guarantee you'll enjoy it a lot more if you're properly prepared! What do you say... Seattle 2010?!

Jennie said...

I am in for Seattle 2010 . . . are you sure you don't want to do Portland 2009 . . . 18 weeks of "training" available starting today:)

Lord, lift me above my own narrow horizons, that I might fulfill your true vision for me. - B.J. Hoff