Saturday, May 16, 2009

There are some bobble head quail that have been spotted near our house. Well, we call them bobble heads, someone told us they were California quail or Northern quail. At any rate, they have the little bobbley thing that faces forward that bobs when they scurry around in their little groups. So, since we don't have enough fowl around our place, the crew decided it was time to capture some of these wild birds.

Here they are, quail hunting, complete with long sticks for rousing them out of their nests, fishing nets for large group grabs, and boots so that they were prepared for the all terrain chase.Sierra, Eliza and I were the spooking squad. We were to try and spook the quail out in the open by being noisy while everyone else was sneaky and quiet (sort of). We took our job very seriously.
Sierra did get distracted by the neighbors' horses at one point.

After an unsuccessful hunt Eliza thought we should read up a little on these quail and their habits and perhaps reconsider our strategy. She's so wise.
I was happy with just hunting and was glad not to have to deal with an actual capture.
Good times people... good times! You can't buy memories like these.

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SLMW8MAN said...

can I send Micah over to join your family? I think he would have so much more fun.

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