Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another busy Saturday

Andrew is cowboy shooting today. Boy is he in heaven. Here's a picture of him at one of his first competitions. His outfit or costume or whatever they call their dress up clothes, has improved since then.

Despite this non-shalant look he really loves it. His cowboy name is Good Amos and Josiah is Lil' Poke. Lil' Poke likes going along to the competitions because between matches he gets a chance to shoot at the targets. Not to mention he loves dressing up like a cowboy. Andrew has been recruiting his friends and family since he first heard of this hobby. I've even joined him on a couple of occasions. It reminds me of our early dating days when his favorite thing to do was take me on a motorcycle ride. Now, as a woman, I have to say, "What's the point of that!!!" There's no talking or any interaction. It could really be anyone or even a robot behind him and the experience would still be the same. Ahhh, that's where we differ. For him, this is the ultimate connection between two people and the fact that he knows it's me there is what matters. Not to mention, he says I made his point for him... there's no talking. So, yes, I will continue to join him at a few cowboy shoots from time to time (I don't think those urban cowboys appreciate my name for their competition. It makes people wonder what exactly these guys are shooting!). I will allow him to call me September Joy on those days and I will do my best to load the guns and hit the targets and even hold it more on my shoulder and not on my arm so it looks right. Who knows maybe it will grow on me. I just wish they would let us talk about how we feel about our shooting after each stage. I'm guessing my suggestion won't make it past this blog!

Today, though, I'm watching Josiah's basketball game. He's been playing with Upward basketball and I highly recommend this program. He came in with no experience and very few skills and has left with the love of the sport. Every week after the games the kids get awards for what they were best at: Best Offensive, Best Defensive, Best Overall, Most Christ-like, etc. It's nice to have the coach say something positive about each player. This is the last game of the season and despite how great it's been, given our schedule these days, I'm actually glad we won't have to get to practices and games again until next year.

I also showed the house this morning but didn't get any really good vibes. There are several houses in the neighborhood that are now for sale. Hopefully the competition is helpful in just bringing more people by. I know our house will sell better once we're moved out. Andrew plans to come back and finish painting and doing little projects once all our stuff is out. It's the perfect house for someone.

"Lord, in Your time as You will."

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