Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Dog

This little cutie is my dog Cheetah. She's a good dog but she has the terrible habit of having puppies just about everyday. I've never seen the puppies actually grow up, and it's not like we've got 101 dalmatians running around, but still, every day, I hear from Cheetah, "Good news mom! We've got puppies." Besides having puppies, Cheetah's days are spent fighting grizzly bears, being a helper dog, and generally protecting the homestead.
It tickles my funny bone the depth of Mia's imagination but this isn't my first experience with a human obsessed with dogs. I used to try to get my little brother to play house with me as a child. He'd always agree under one condition... he wanted to be the dog. I hated that. He'd just sit outside my room "guarding" the place and I could feed him if I wanted but that was it. Sometimes I feel those old feelings of frustration rise up when yet again I hear, "Good news mom!" But mostly it's just funny. So I pat Mia's head and rub her belly and say, "That is good news Cheetah. Go find a soft place to lay down. You're gonna be a great Mom dog." Her tank is full! Check.
Thank you Lord for the creativity I see in my children. It brings joy to my heart. I see your creativity in the beautiful world around me as all the bulbs begin to pop up and the breeze smells so fresh. All the birds are out singing their special songs and I can sense your handiwork. Spring reminds me that Easter is coming and Easter reminds me that you died on the cross on my behalf. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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