Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Gramma Linda

Here is Gramma at her house, with her sister Patti, hanging out with Momma, Mackenzie, Sierra and Mia. It's always fun to go to Gramma's house, she treats us like royalty! We've got special little chairs to sit in and she's stocked on fun kid movies. She even has toys for us and gives us yummy food to eat!
And here is Gramma at Josiah's kindergarten graduation. Despite the fact that she works full time, she always takes the time to come to our special events and school programs and she cheers us on at our games. She even makes it fun for those of us who are watching too by treating us with snacks.

Gramma Linda goes over the top at Christmas and birthdays, always finding the coolest gifts and just the right things that we would like. She also takes very good care of us when we have owies and boo boos.
We love you Gramma Linda. Happy Birthday!

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