Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ambition and Determination

Sierra has been watching her siblings climb our apple tree since last year. Sometimes Daddy would lift her up and let her experience the height of the tree and being like the bigger kids. Mom never did. No, I don't want to get her into something that she can't get out of, so the rule with me is, you get up when you can climb up. So, last summer she appeased herself by climbing the vine maple which has very low branches.

Here she is perched precariously in that tree, happy as a clam because she did it all by herself. Well, 9 months have passed since last summer's climbing adventures. Now, with just a glimpse of good weather, the kids are back in the apple tree and Sierra is left to figure out how she will join in the adventure. This year is different though, she's bigger and stronger. She's been practicing all winter long in gymnastics and on the railing of our stairs. She's also smarter and has learned the value of a good tool. Hence the decision she made to take her potty chair stool out to the apple tree. Apparently this gave her just the leg up she needed to reach the first hand hold and with some encouragement from her siblings, she made it up in the tree all by herself! For her though, this wasn't enough. She also needed to bring up her babies as well as her babies' "stuff". You know the baby stuff: blanket, bottle, rattle, etc. etc. Josiah had hung the swing that we use on the play structure from the tree and this made the perfect bed for her babies while she climbed. Yes, by the way, I did say we have a play structure with a ladder for climbing, a fort, and swings... it gets very little use. My suggestion, rather than buy a play structure, plant an apple tree.

Here's Sierra in the tree with Mia encouraging her from above. Note the babies in the swing hanging on for dear life. Here's all three kids in the tree, and, yes, the girls are barefoot. I guess it gives them a better grip on the tree.

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