Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cabela's Adventure

We went up to Seattle for the wedding of Andrew's cousin James and Dani. It was wonderful to see them commit their lives to each other and to God and remember the same commitment that Andrew and I made nearly 12 years ago. New love is sweet. Aged love has that wonderful depth and richness. Both are blessings from the Lord.

On to the Cabela's story! On our way home from the wedding we compromised on some stops to make. I'd get to peruse the outlet mall if Andrew could have some time at Cabela's. I've seen their catalogs and was thinking Cabela's was similar to Sportsman's Warehouse and it is, kind of. But comparing them is like saying that Little League is the same as the Major League's. Both baseball, yes, but very different. You might be surprised to hear me say that this discovery was not a bad thing even in light of our compromise. As we entered the front doors it became immediately evident that this was no ordinary trip to the sporting goods store where I try to entertain the kids by looking at some of the dead animals and trying on hats. There were whole environments of dead animals and even a mini aquarium with sportsman type fish stocked in them: trout on one side and catfish and bass on the other. I've never heard comments like these at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, "Oh look at that... pan size!" "Yum!" You could even buy fish food for a quarter and feed some of the massive trout. We passed. I hate the smell of those pellets. Sierra threw in some bark dust but apparently they know that trick.

There was even an African exhibit with a lion, elephant, rhinoceros, and zebra. Some of the other animals we saw were a huge sea lion, a polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear (I think), coyotes, foxes, deer, elk (is there a difference???), moose, musk ox, antelop-y things, turkey, even some brightly colored smaller birds. There were more but you'll have to just check it out yourself.

They had a restaurant in the facility, kind of like IKEA, only this one served wild game burgers and other manly meals. Hmmm, glad we'd already eaten! They also had a home decor section that had log cabin type furniture, wall hangings, door pulls, light switches, frames, everything to make your home seem woodsy. I heard one lady call out to her husband, "Wouldn't it be great make the RV look more log cabin like!" I assume, given the population, that it was their hunting RV she was referring to. Do you decorate those? I guess if you do, then a natural look would be the best.

Cabela's even had lovely restrooms with automatic everything and soap in the dispenser. Someone listened to their wife when designing this place. We all enjoyed ourselves with the only downside being the camera batteries died so I couldn't document this unexpected adventure. Apparently there is a Cabela's only an hour from Bear Paw so I'm sure we'll plan some more trips and, get this, there's no yearly membership fee.


Lindsay said...

Cabela's is like a zoo... only with stuffed animals. Eva LOVES going there!

momaof4 said...

Sounds like a ProBass store. Have you been in on?

Can't wait till you have your camera!!!

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