Monday, April 21, 2008

A Word From the Lord

Andrew had a blog worthy experience today. He and my dad were driving home from Medford after picking up a machine he needed. They stopped in Azalea, Oregon around 3pm for some late lunch at the Heaven on Earth Restaurant. Dad had been there before with my Grandpa, but this was Andrew's first time. Upon entering the door of the restaurant, the middle aged hostess approached Andrew and began to speak directly to him. She told him that he should have no fear and trust the Lord, wade into the water that was before him, that God had big plans for him and has given him broad shoulders to handle what is coming. She told him to remember not to worry about the money but to work for God. Then later, after they had a chance to say who they were, she directed her comments to my dad, praising him for being a godly man that raised a godly daughter who married a godly husband and that together they are raising godly kids. She acknowledged the legacy that started with him. Then she went on to encourage Andrew in the importance of his role as a father and the blessing that children are. Both men were really blown away, partially because she said so much in such a short amount of time, and partially because she directly addressed our situation. Andrew said several times that it was just weird (in a good way), he was really speechless about the whole thing. I had to call my dad to get more details and even he was at a bit of a loss for words (which is amazing as my wordiness comes from his side). It was nothing new that she said, Andrew didn't feel convicted of anything, but he felt God confirming our current path through the voice of someone who couldn't have known our situation. She responded to God, spoke the truth, and was used to bless us. I wish I could have been there though, I'm just sure there were more details!!!
The picture above is of him being a good dad with his kiddos!

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I'm speachless.

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