Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ahhh, Familiar Territory

Well, we're back in Limbo Land. Can't say I'm happy to be here. The possible outcomes are a little less drastic than the last time with the camp. We have an offer on the house and we're in that ugly negotiation phase. We're also in the middle of negotiating on a rental. I don't like negotiating, dickering, whatever all this compromising is called. There is no thrill in the game for me. I'd rather just say, "You want it? Sure, make your best offer. Ok, that'll work!" I was no fun in the Hong Kong markets last year! Andrew would have had a lot of fun. Some people are like that, the whole thing is just not that personal.

So, we'll know by Friday the realtor says. There is a specific piece to pray for. The realtor said that if the appraisal was low or his loan had any contingencies then the buyer's hands would be tied on his response. Obviously we're praying for a high appraisal!

I'm also praying that we do get into this rental house. I have dreams of Christmas baking and hosting, hosting, hosting! It's been years since I've been able to comfortably host. I know God cares about those desires of my heart. I'm praying for more space for the kids to be "wild" as Josiah says, for an easy, quick commute for Andrew so we get to see him this winter when the work hours get long, a home where people can spend the night and there is room for big dinners. That rental house holds all those features but I'm sure many places do. I decided not to get hung up in the logistics but to trust God with details.

If everything falls through with the house sale then I'm going to fully enjoy being here in this house and neighborhood, where we have such great access to everything and Andrew can pop home very quickly.

We'll see. For now. Au Revoir from Limbo Land. This is only an extended visit - I'm not staying.

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