Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Awesome Homeschool Day

I'm sorry to keep blogging about this but it is the newest thing in my life and I'm loving it. It is so rewarding to push through the hard times and to enjoy the wonderful times. This week we did more science. Last week dealt more with history. Both encouraged us to look for answers, be it on a map or globe, in the yard or in a book, online... you name it. It's been so fun to be on this discovery journey with the kids.

So, we're studying the water cycle and rocks and soil. We've had several experiments which have been fun. One was testing the amount of water different plants extracted and then transcipitated back into the air. We just sealed plastic bags over the tops of different types of plant trimmings and put them in cups of water then compared the amount of water in the bag when we were done. Another was testing our soil - that one was a flop but I don't think the kids noticed. They just had fun putting dirt and water in a test tube with some powdery stuff and watching it change colors.

Today, though, we went on a rock exploration at Larwood Park in Scio. There are two creeks that join there and the setting is beautiful. We climbed all around the creek bed looking for different types of rocks to compare. I can't believe the variety we found! We also enjoyed watching small fish play in our shadows and picnicking near the water. How lucky are we that this was school today!!

Here's Mia looking for great rocks.
Josiah's looking for some rocks eroded by the waterfall.
Sierra found a great example of erosion!
Here we are comparing the density of different rocks by pounding them together.
Josiah was in charge of keeping the records of our findings.
Grandpa Davis joined us which was extra nice for Sierra and I so that she could play with him and I didn't have to worry about her taking an unintended swim.

In fact we should get some credit toward PE for the day, too. One for swimming...

...and one for balance beam.


mcmom said...

Those are the moments that make me really miss homeschool. I'm so glad it is going well for you guys. I had to tell myself just take it one day at a time.

SLMW8MAN said...

the swimming looks so refreshing. Makes me want to jump in there with them.

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