Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Sad Day and A Quick Trip

We got a call that Andrew's uncle passed away last week and we were able to attend the funeral yesterday in the Seattle area. We were both blessed by the way that his kids honored him at that time. They shared many fond memories of the things he did with them and the investment he made in their lives. They also mentioned how they knew that he loved their mother by the way he treated her and backed up her parenting. They remembered kind things he'd done for other people through the years. It was a great reminder that these daily choices in the way we treat our kids, our spouse, and even strangers, is being noticed, and will be remembered years later.

It was also strange to be at a family function and not have him be there. His sudden death has been a good reminder that we don't know how much time we have here on earth and I'd like to make these moments count.

Today, everyone is tired; exhausted from the quick trip, the intensity of the funeral, and the fun of cousin time. We'll begin moving some things this weekend but today I can't even formulate a plan to get through the day effectively, let alone get myself organized for the project of moving. So, I'm just taking it one step at a time and hopefully tomorrow will be a little more focused.

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SLMW8MAN said...

Sorry to hear of Andrew's uncle's sudden death. I am always in awe at how a person is one second with us and the next they are with God.

Lord, lift me above my own narrow horizons, that I might fulfill your true vision for me. - B.J. Hoff