Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Name Clue #4 - There's been a breach!!

A couple of people are getting close. This is so much fun. If you'd like to see all the guesses people have made, click on the comments link which is written smaller right below the post. It will show you what everyone has guessed as well as my responses. You'd have to check each of the clues to see what they guessed after that clue. You can more easily find those posts by looking to the right column below the music box and click on the blog topic "Baby Name". This will pull up all the posts with that subject.

If you'd like to leave a response on the blog the easiest way is to just click Anonymous, but please sign your name at the end of your comment post so I know who's guessing. OR, if you have a blogger account then sign in!! If you want to have follow up comments emailed to you then click the box that says "email follow up comments" and enter your email address.

So far, Aunt Ruthe guessed one of the middle names, Bella, and the baby's Great Grandma Galeazzi guessed the other middle name but I'm trying to get her to post it on here so I'll let her try that first before I tell you. But, if someone guesses the first name before that then I'll just tell you the whole name.

The fourth clue is that her name has an "e" in it.

So, we have a 5 letter name, with "a", "i", and "e" in it. Good luck!

While riding in the van last night we were informed that our tight knitted, immediate family only, name knowers knew of a breach in the surprise holders alliance! It couldn't be. We knew sweet little Sierra was our weak link, in fact we'd had to back peddle out of a few situations of, AHEM, indiscretion by our 3 year old yackity-yack who felt the time was here to tell some people the baby's name. So far, thanks to the lispy sound of her pronunciation, no one has been able to decipher her slips. But, no, this breach went deeper or should I say older than Sierra, at least by a few years. Yes, we know what happened and we know who you are oh secret holder of the name. We trust you, but we're keeping our eye on you. :) Now the pressure is on, once there is one breach of the surprise name knowers we know it would be easy for it to happen again. So guess, friends guess!


Jeff said...

Alright, I want in on this. Considering all of your kids' names end in what sounds like "uh", and based on what I've seen guessed already, and of course the official guess is 'Eliza'.

Anonymous said...


That's all I got! Man, this is hard... you guys are doing good on the clues! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am armed and ready! I have looked up names and meanings... So here is my educated guesses by the meanings on the names more then just the clues:
Edria - mighty
Ellia - light
Helia - Sun
Jenia - God has answered
Kesia - favorite
Lecia - fortunate
Lelia - Lily
Lesia - Consecrated by God
Nelia - Yellow! (just for you Christy)
Neria - Lamp of God
Tesia - Loved by God

Ok - my top guesses are ones with God in the meaning but I thought I would just try them all. Hopefully I am going to hit the target with one of them!
~ Ruthe

Anonymous said...

Ok I am ready to try some more!!!
Arieh - Lion of God
Edina - Wealthy friend
Fiona - white fair
Irena - Peace
Kieta - Forest
Leila - name of a Saint
Lesia - consectated to God
Aneia - look up to God
Miela - sweet as honey
Jelia - divine
Tesia - loved by God

~ Diana

The Nordstrom Family said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, nice guessing. Eliza is it!!

The Nordstrom Family said...

Jeff, I'm not sure I trust that this is a guess considering how close your desk is to Andrew's! ;) But, fair is fair!! Nice job! I'll post more in a minute.

The Nordstrom Family said...


you and Diana get the best effort award! Smart to look up meanings since those mean so much to me! I'll post more in a minute.

Jeff said...

Christy, believe it or not, Andrew wouldn't budge. The name just popped into my head while I was thinking about possibilities, had to wait for that E before I guessed tho. Maybe I'm a tad bit psychic, I've been told that before. Anyway, fun way of introducing the baby's name.


The Nordstrom Family said...

OK, OK, I believe you. I already gave Andrew the 3rd degree on everything he's said to you in the last month. Nice work. But I guess you knew I was going to say that, huh? :)

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