Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Cooler parts of HomesCool.

Today, after I was working with Mia on her reading skills, Sierra climbed up beside me and said, "Can you teach me to read now, too, Mama?" It was so sweet. We sat and worked some letter sounds until she was satisfied that she made sufficient progress for the day.

The girls are also working on their "All About Me" books. They've cut out tons of magazine pictures and glued their collages of things they love (mostly cats and dogs) and then we did a photo shoot with them at home, on the phone, with family, etc. Then with that they are learning their phone numbers, address and how to introduce themselves. Mia is really accomplishing these things, Sierra is along for the ride and learning cutting and gluing skills at this point.
Anyway, here are some of their pictures for the book...

A few of Mia's favorite things.

Our white house.

The funny thing about this phone picture is that she totally looks like I'm interrupting her but it was all staged. One of the takes was blurry but it would have been the best, she was actually mouthing some words. Crack me up!

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