Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the Moving Begin

It's very hard to believe we are actually starting the moving process. True to form, we're all a little bit under the weather and leaning toward the grouchy side of life. Official homeschooling is on a break for another week, though we are able to bring in several "lessons" just through sorting, alphabetizing, reading, etc. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for opportunities. When we left our first load of belongings it included a few stuffed animals. Mia said as we were leaving the house, "I don't want to leave my stuff here in case someone comes and buys it while we're gone." Well, we officially will have at least 30 days to move out so I told her they'd be safe. I think it will be hard to live with the thought that we might have to move on a moments notice but we're trusting the Lord that we'll be here just as long as He wants us here.

Well, no time for more... we've got some more moving to do!

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