Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bringing Up a Boy

Josiah's creative abilities have always impressed me. He has always been fully in costume for whatever role he's played. In the above picture he was leading an expedition to Bush Park and I asked the kids to pose in the field of pretty purple flowers. He needed it to be a hunting pose.

Here he is at 3 1/2 as a Rescue Hero, complete with yellow rubber boots which you can't quite see, saving a puppy!
I had kind of a natural looking display on top of the entertainment center (don't mind the dust!). Josiah thought it would be best to add his hunting Warrior figurine to complete the picture. He was so thrilled with the idea that I had to allow it.

It's just funny how uniquely different boys are than girls. I'm so glad God gave us a boy and I love the big brother that he is to the girls.
Just now he asked me if he could take the walkie talkies outside. He is in full camo gear, head to toe, and is "hunting" from up in the apple tree.
"Who are you going to walkie, talkie to?" I asked.
"No one!" he said enthusiastically. "It's just to throw people off my trail. They'll hear me talking over there, but really it's just the other walkie talkie, and they'll never know where I really am."
"Well, of course you can use the walkie talkies. It sounds like you really need them."
Unfortunately my camera battery died so I don't have a picture of the hunter, undercover, scouting for prey. He thought it was probably better not to waste a picture because he is so camouflaged that people would think it's just a picture of the tree. He's probably right.

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