Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Remodelers Life

We've been working on this old house for a couple of years now, 2 1/2 actually. It's always been a diamond in the rough but it's starting to really take it's shape now. Andrew has had some help these last two days and has been knocking out the last of the mudding. When you do mudding it means you also have to do sanding in order to blend between the mud and the drywall or plaster. Sanded mud is a bear to clean up and it gets absolutely everywhere. Since most of the work is being done on the upstairs bedrooms we've cleared them out and are again practicing flexibility. It's always been an ongoing joke that in this house we've all lived in every bedroom and with a variety of different "roommates". So just to chronicle our journey, here's the bedroom shuffle from the beginning!

1st: Andrew, Christy and 6 week old Sierra (who slept in the stroller since neither her crib nor her pack-n-play would fit in the room) slept in what I eventually wanted to be the media room. Josiah and Mia were in the big bedroom upstairs, which was to be for the girls in the long run.

2nd: Andrew and Christy still in the "media room". Josiah in the smaller upstairs room. Mia and Sierra in the bigger room.

3rd: Andrew, Christy, Mia, and Sierra in the upstairs big room. Josiah in the smaller room.

4th: Andrew and Christy in the big room. Josiah, Mia and Sierra in the smaller room.

5th: Andrew and Christy in the smaller room. Josiah, Mia and Sierra in the larger room.

Tonight is our 6th arrangement: Josiah, Mia and Sierra are on the floor in the would be media room. Sierra is in the closet, don't worry it's a big one. Andrew and I still have mud sandings all over our room and the bed (I use that term lightly since it's now only a mattress on the floor) is still under wraps. I'm beat and it's only 9:00pm. I may make due with the couch tonight and I have no idea what Andrew might do.

P.S. Just to let you know how fried my brain is I have to tell you about this dumb little thing that just happened. When I went to spell check this blog it actually highlighted my name! So I looked up it's suggestions and, of course, it had Christ. I don't mind that because sometimes I do run my words together incorrectly and make new words with different meanings. Like if I meant to type "Christ your Savior" but accidentally typed "Christy our Savior", I'd like the spell check to ask me about that just to save the embarassment or any misunderstanding. But the spell check also offered Christa, Christi, Christye, and Christie. Now, I've been a Christy all my life and I've run across many different spellings and variations of my name, but Christye??? Even Christie and Christi aren't very common and most Christa's are with a "K". Christy with a "Ch" and a "y" or a "K" and an "i" or "ie" are the ones I see most often. Anyway, just had to share. I think I was with the kids too much today. I feel like I've got all these words built up in my system. You mix that with fatigue and I could go on and on!

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