Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sierra's Schwinn

Gramma Linda bought Sierra a Schwinn trike. Daddy decided right before bed to go ahead and put it together. So the kids, clad in their jammies, tested out Sierra's new bike last night. It's a great size, not to big but not small, and it's so stylish. Sierra may hold the title of best bike in the family right now. Being the third child she doesn't get too many new things, not that she cares at this age, but still, I'm happy for her. Not only that, but she is the first one in the family to have a bell on her bike. She is already very adept at ringing it, too. The trike has a nice step on the back over the wheels where her siblings can ride and help her go faster as well as get the steering part down. She's also been very generous in letting the big kids have a turn driving, too.

Thanks Gramma!!

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mcmom said...

I love those pictures. Those are the ones they will look back on when they are older and say, "remember when..."

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