Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

We've had a few more nice days lately and the kids and I have gotten outside to enjoy it! Sierra really enjoys the swing and Josiah and Mia play all kinds of make believe games. I've been able to get out and pick some weeds and try to spruce things up a bit. At the Ag Fest a couple of weekends ago we were given a living necklace which consisted of a kidney bean wrapped in a water soaked cotton ball and sealed in a tiny ziplock bag then strung on some yarn. We waited the necessary 5 days and then planted them in a pot. Well it's been warm enough for them to begin to sprout, which was a very exciting moment for all of us. We're using a squirt bottle to water the little sprouts so the kids don't drown them. Mia's comment was the best though, "Well, it looks like it's gonna be broccoli." I told her we'd have to wait and see.
The kids continue to find bugs around the yard and I keep encouraging them that their homes are outside and they'd be sad if we brought them in to live with us. It's also important that we let the lady bugs do their jobs of eating the bad bugs so our plants will be healthier. Reluctantly they've left them outside... at least as far as I know!

We also got to see a unique phenomenon at the local Lowe's store. As we were leaving the store Josiah informed me that he knew what all that caution tape was for. I didn't even know what caution tape he was talking about, but as he continued to tell me something about some bees an adult overheard and filled in the story. I guess it was just warm enough for the bees to start coming out begin working on a hive, but this crazy weather caused it to cool again so they stopped their work, and clustered together to keep warm and survive until the next warm up. Originally they were on the bar-b-que's, which was not good for business I'm sure, but then they moved to a tree branch in the parking lot. The Lowe's people just roped off the area around that tree and thankfully the bee guy is coming out today to take care of them. I assume that means move them to a new location where everyone will be safe and sound. After all, aren't we supposed to be worried about the bees well being this year and how it affects our crops?

FAIR WARNING: The following is not for the super faint of heart, nor lovers of turkey's in general.

It is with regret that I must inform you all that a turkey has finally lost it's life at the hand of my brother. He informed us he had a "full proof" plan, I had to clarify that he meant to say "fool proof", just to be sure. Upon scrutinizing the plan I decided that it did fall into the former category but, since I was not invited along nor was I expected to fulfill any roles, I decided that he and my dad would have to figure out how to make the plan fully fool proof without my help. The plan was for my brother to camp out and keep quiet with the gun poised and ready to shoot while my dad went around the backside of the gaggle (is that what they call a group of turkey's... or is that geese? ...anyway!) and he was to chase them up toward my brother to meet their pending demise. Walking towards a loaded, aimed gun?? That doesn't sound like the safest, most fool proof plan I've ever heard. Strangely my dad didn't seem to have a problem with it. Well, his plan did finally come together at the end of the day and although my dad had quite a work out chasing down the foul at least he didn't get shot which was my biggest concern.

Thoughtful Uncle David brought the carcass by for the kids to examine. They were so excited I could hardly keep them from gouging the eye out of the socket and Josiah is convinced he wants to shoot a turkey now, too. They all begged for feathers as souvenirs and Uncle David said he would save some for them.

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momaof4 said...

BEES! I didn't think it was warm enough for them, yet. But I guess they are ready for Spring too!!

The turkey looks pretty. Not the face of course but the feathers...makes me think of Thanksgiving :)

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