Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I remember how excited Andrew was the first time we found out I was pregnant. We made sweatshirts for my parents that said "Grandpa" and "Grandma", that was our way of telling them that our family was growing!! I also remember when Andrew went to the funeral home to pick up Faith's ashes. He said as he sat with the little box beside him in the car that years of missed memories ran through his mind: first steps, first words, first day of school, church programs, teaching her to drive, graduation, marriage, grandkids... Though we didn't raise Faith, our hearts were changed and Andrew truly was a father from that moment on.

With JosiahWith Mia
With Josiah and Sierra

Andrew's always wanted lots of kids. He announced to our college homecoming crowd that, among other things, one of his life's ambitions was to have 8 kids! We had a good laugh about that, once we clarified things. He loves each of our three kids and is excited for the one on the way (secretly hoping that there are two). He's the kind of father that likes to include the kids in what he's doing, even if it means it will take longer to get it done. He's also willing to let them try things out or risk a bit in order to help them strengthen their wings of independence.

This Father's Day I'd also like to express how much I appreciate our father's and the support they've been to us through the years.

My dad has always lived closer to us and, since he chose to retire early, has made himself very available to help with all kinds of projects and to be very involved with the kids. He's taken them all to the mountains, on snow trips, to the Ranger Station, and fishing. He's also read hundreds of books and told countless stories to them. In fact, as soon as he enters the house, the girls go running for their favorite books. He's watched countless games and practices and attended all sorts of programs and functions.

Andrew's dad has been 9 hours away our whole married life. When he retired, several years ago, he began to visit more often. He has also helped us with many, many projects: building a storage shed, roof repairs, building a bathroom, electrical work, and tons of finish work. Phew! When the kids bring him books to read he likes to make up a more interesting story. He also really enjoys the wild animals around his home and often calls to tell the kids what their up to.

My Grandpa Davis, affectionately known as "Poppy", has always lived close and, though he's pretty quiet and doesn't like big crowds, he's always been loving to me, Andrew and the kids. He's devoted to his little dog Jet and is working diligently on improving and now producing his pressure switches. He and my dad meet for breakfast or lunch at least once a week

My Grandpa Galeazzi has always lived further away. First in California, which meant when we visited we got to go to Disneyland, then in Michigan which meant time at the lake and bbq's. He is a breakfast maker, a fisherman, and a woodworker. He and my Grandma go and sing to the old people and support my cousins, who are in high school there, in all their endeavors. I'm sure retirement for them is just as busy as working life but they're doing things that really feed into other people's lives, both the older generation and the younger.

Happy Father's Day everybody!!

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momaof4 said...

How special to still have all those amazing men in your life and the kids too!!! That is super special.

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