Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Break Really Has Started!!

I stole a little nap the other afternoon, Josiah's half day. The older kids were playing in the backyard and Sierra was napping, too, so I felt pretty good about it. At one point I thought I heard some water running outside but in my grog it didn't register. When Sierra woke I up I finally came to enough to go check on things outside. The kids were working diligently together, digging and transferring mud from a whole in the ground to our wagon. The team work could have brought tears to my eyes, the mud covered bodies did!
Yes! Summer is here and these kids are made for outside activities. I have to say that the way they are wired has been one of my strongest convictions for moving to the camp environment. They love it!!
Well, all good things must come to an end and that end usually follows mom's appearance on the scene. Hey! What can I say, it's my job. So, I hosed them off in the front yard to get the worst of the mud off their clothes, shoes, and skin, then I had them strip down on the back deck while I held up a towel and they made a mad dash to the tub. They loved the whole thing!!

Sierra had a wonderful time watching the whole thing unfold from the warmth and "safety" of the porch.

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momaof4 said...

Oh my!! You are so brave!! I think I would have lost it. :)

I think they will have a BLAST on land!!! Tree's to climb, mud holes, and water :)

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