Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Point!

We went out to dinner with a friend tonight and for convenience we just picked him up and rode together. As we were leaving the restaurant, Mia grabbed Daddy's hand and then grabbed our friend's hand and began to swing between them. She decided to take it one notch further and just hung, bunched up like a little hedgehog getting carried to the van. Our friend mentioned to her that she was sure getting a fun ride and then said, "Haven't you heard there's no such thing as a free ride?" "Well," she said, "You're getting a free ride from us." Hmmm, touche! Thankfully our friend has a good sense of humor and got a chuckle out of her comment, too. And, no, we didn't charge him for the ride home!!

It's funny the things that kids remember or come up with, the way that they connect the dots with their innocent logic. I love that Jesus welcomes that innocence and isn't offended by it's possible interpretations. Even more I love that he desires us to come to him that way as well; without predetermined conclusions or a perfect plan all laid out. He desires us to be real and honest and open. He saw through the Pharisees pretenses and trickery and spent no time in their spiritual games. Those that came to him openly he answered directly and blessed regardless of who they were, what they'd done or even the ugly label they might have been wearing in that society: tax collector, town slut, leaper, demon possessed. He loves us, not who we pretend to be or aspire to be, but inside who we really are. And, He wants to lead us to maturity and confidence through a real relationship with him.

"Lord, you know me, the real me, even when I try to conceal some of the ugliest parts. I'd like to come to you presentable, but that's not what you require. It's not what you desire. You desire me, all of me. Forgive me for my daily sin Jesus and thank you that you died for it already. The price has been paid! I desire to follow you and be trained by you so that I may be a blessing to other people and bring your light into the world to people who've never known the truth. When that training gets hard, when it seems unbearable, help me Lord to cling to you even tighter and to never let go and miss out on the end of the journey. And, when life here is uncomfortable, help me to praise you for the fact that I am prepared more and more for my forever home in heaven. Even as I mature, may my faith in you always be child like in the way that I trust you and in my openness with you. Lord, protect me, my family, and my friends from the false doctrine that surrounds us. It is confusing,
sometimes it even sounds like it could be right. Help us all to keep our Bibles open so that we may know the truth so intimately that we can not be fooled. Thank you for the freedom we have to read our Bibles and worship openly in Churches with other believers. In Jesus name, Amen"

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Lord, lift me above my own narrow horizons, that I might fulfill your true vision for me. - B.J. Hoff