Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Road to Bear Paw, part 5

I've been avoiding an update for a while now. I honestly thought, when I wrote "part 1" on my first "Road to Bear Paw" post, that there would only be 2 parts. But, here we are. Things are still up in the air really. Everyday the bank is ready to fund in 2 days, then, SIKE, we need this, that, or the other thing still, or somebody wants to change something on the agreement. I think I've grown callused to the sike outs, I no longer "flinch" with the sharp switching of emotions, from excitement to disappointment, that has been our journey these past few months and has only intensified as we reach what I hope is the end. Rather than callused, I hope that what has developed in me is a peace and patience to just wait until everything is 100% done, and then to celebrate and celebrate big. I worry that I may have shut off my emotions entirely (some may wonder if this is possible for me) and will I even be able to celebrate at all when the time comes. I'll trust God for that part.

We are closer to funding than we ever have been. Who knew you could be this close and not be done! We are disappointed that at this point we will not have time to get settled before campers arrive for the first camp this coming weekend. We are concerned that it may turn out that we could arrive at camp the same day they do, or that we may not even be there at all for their arrival, or even the worst case scenario that we would miss a whole group all together. Financially, each week we miss is a significant hit as our only camp income is in the 10 weeks of summer at this point. Plus we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to meet the groups and find out what other camps or retreats they might be interested in or what they'd like to see at camp next year, etc. How does that saying go... "Out of the frying pan; into the fire."

I'm grateful for the things that are getting wrapped up here in Salem in this extra time we've been "given". I am optimistic that this will allow us to focus more fully on the camp as we won't have to worry about as many unfinished details back in in Salem. I'm also glad that our house hasn't sold yet. As much as we'll need the money when we move out, I so thankful that we don't have the pressure of a timeline on this end as well.

My devotions this morning were, again, very poignant to this situation, particularly the verses they chose. I looked up the passages on Bible Gateway. I hope you are encouraged by them also.

Hebrews 12:1-13

1 Timothy 1:1-12

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